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Infill is not a new word. And it’s not a new idea. But to those who are  treading on new ground it is mysterious.
LandDesignBuild removes the mysteries of infill through its innovative approach that integrates every step of the homebuilding process into one unified effort.
From site selection and assessment through and beyond the final walkthrough, LandDesignBuild serves the needs of buyers, sellers, builders, and trade professionals by acting as a single source of communication and coordination.
The ease of the custom homebuilding journey… and the outcome… attest to the value of LandDesignBuild leadership.

The process of tearing down in order to build anew -- called "infill" -- puts you where you want to be: closer to schools, country clubs, work and friends, and with a more prestigious address.  And that is why many discriminating buyers find turning to a LandDesignBuild infill solution best satisfies their needs.
In Houston, no one knows more about infill -- or works harder -- than LandDesignBuild of Houston. 
“The use of vacant land and property within a built-up area for further construction or development, especially as part of a neighborhood preservation… growth program.”
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the
English Language, Fourth Edition, defines
infill as:
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