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Builders Who Share Our Vision To Provide
A Custom Home That Exceeds Your Expectations

There are many quality, highly qualified custom homebuilders in St. Louis.
You may already have one in mind… a builder that a neighbor, friend, or
colleague has used or recommended to you.
Obviously, you will make the final
decision as to which homebuilder you
choose to use.
However, we hope you will keep an open
mind to meeting with a LandDesignBuild
building partner.”
Our building partners are quality
builders…experienced and fully qualified.
In addition, they share our passion and
vision for providing a finished custom home
that exceeds our clients’ expectations.
The key is total quality control: At dozens
of checkpoints in the process of building your
home, the LandDesignBuild leadership team assures that all work meets or exceeds our rigid ATD Pass+Plus standards.

Leading-Edge Technologies
Just as our design team envisions the future, the LandDesignBuild team of builders is on the leading edge of construction technologies.
For example, our building partners are thoroughly educated when it comes to the use of insulated concrete forms (ICFs) from Nudura (TM). To learn more, visit On the outside, your home looks like any other. But underneath, Nudura (TM) creates a more comfortable energy efficient home that lasts longer, provides a measurably quieter interior environment, withstands just about anything Mother Nature can throw her way, and keeps its occupants… your family… safe!
Our builders work with some of the most outstanding craftsmen and artisans and offer Healthy House, Green Building, and Energy Star Home Performance packages. So, when it comes to creating exactly what you want, we can truly say, “Your wish is our command.”
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"Integrating quality and value with homebuilding innovation," ATD Pass+Plus, and Homecare Concierge Service are service marks of LandDesignBuild
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