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"Integrating quality and value with homebuilding innovation," ATD Pass+ Plus, and Homecare Concierge Service are service marks of LandDesignBuild
We are a member of The Green Building Initiative --
We are a local member since 1999.
Proud member since 1999.
If you know of land or homesites that may be coming on the market soon –– homesites that our buyers, builders, and investors may have an interest in –– we welcome the opportunity to work with you. 
Please feel free to call, fax, mail, or email information on any buildable parcels you currently have or may come across in the future.
Often, because of our experience with infill, LandDesignBuild sees opportunities that others miss. If you’re not sure about the viability of a infill homesite, don’t dismiss it without calling 888-321-LAND.  REALTORS should visit to learn more about our partner program.

–– Private offerings will be held in strictest confidence ––

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LandDesignBuild compensates its independent land sources when they  introduce us to new land BEFORE it is formally offered to the public.  You make extra money and our buyers and builders see the newest properties first!
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Whether you are a part-time "ground hound" or a professional, you can join LandDesignBuild's network of successful Land Acquisition Specialists.
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