The Right Floor Plan… The Right Design…
That Fits You… AND The Neighborhood

A home looks best when it complements its surroundings. Conversely, in an architectural sense, the look and feel of the neighborhood and homesite hint at what may be most appropriate to place there.
Therefore, your “ideal” design or house plan… the one you saw in a magazine or book of floor plans… the one you keep thinking about and returning to… may be spectacular.  However, it may not work on this lot… or every lot… because many lots that are ideal as tear-downs are nonstandard in size, shape, terrain, view, or what they sit next to.
LandDesignBuild works with architects and designers to create ideal house plans. Therefore, recommended floor plans created for this LandDesignBuild lot not only take advantage of the size and shape of the lot, but they fit the neighborhood.
And because they fit the neighborhood — and the lot — it means that your investment is protected when the time comes for you to sell.
Integrating quality and value
with homebuilding innovation
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See The Ideal Home For Any LandDesignBuild Homesite Through “Architectural” Eyes

Naturally, you always have the choice to build any home that suits your fancy on any given homesite. 
However, it’s often helpful… and insightful… to see what the professionals have in mind for infill lots, without having to spend your own money… and without trial and error.
You can see what our architects and designers consider an “ideal” home for most LandDesignBuild homesites by calling 888-321-LAND. Simply provide us with the location or address of the homesite or lot.